If you would like to order something from Happy Rock Printers, please follow the steps below:

  • Send an email to
  • Attach picture(s) that you want printed.
  • Advise in the email what item(s) you are ordering, how many of each item, and the picture you want printed.
  • Advise what text that you would like printed with the picture. 
  • After we have received your email, we will then email to you a mock up of the artwork and price information. 
  • To order, simply reply to the email and advise that you would like to order the items. 
  • You can pay by credic card, or mail a check.  If you wish to mail a check, an address will be provided.
  • Once the order is completed it will be shippped to you via USPS or delivered another method as desired.

Make all checks payable to Happy Rock Printers